Friday, November 19, 2010

Toxin...Should we scare or not...??

In these days our lifestyle contribute to the content of toxins in our body system. Currently there are toxins everywhere, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, even in the drugs we consume.
These toxins are very dangerous and is accumulative, and can cause damage to the body's detoxification system and metabolic disorders in the body processor.
As a result we can be headaches, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, allergies, skin problems, and many other losses that we get from the toxin.

What is a Toxin?, Toxin is a clogged grime in our body. Grime comes from the food we eat every day. Why ? It is caused by mistake of our diet and also there are a lot of pollution that cause damage to our body tissues. I can give you some samples, like contamination in food, pollution in agriculture, pollution on farms and pollution of water sources. An investigation conducted by some Japanese experts say that the weight of the grime that clogged inside someone's body - average weight of 2 to 4 kg. Grime is food scraps left in our gut, and it will stick to the intestinal wall and absorbed by the mucous layer and then go to the heart and will efect :

1. Difficulty detoxification process
2. Inhibition of metabolic processes
3. Toxicity in the body

So, thats why grime clogged in our body can become the source of all ills.

Sources of toxins include :
1. Heavy metal
Examples of Mercury (Hg), Plumbum (Pb), and aluminum (Al). People who live in cities and in industrial areas are very vulnerable these metals contaminated.

2. Toxic for the heart
Examples of chemicals, drugs, food preservatives, pesticides, and herbicides. These substances commonly enter the body either accidentally (eg drugs), or by accident, for example, carried away by the food (food preservatives, or pesticides / herbicides are washed vegetables due to the lack of clean washing). In the body, the liver function as detoxification for the body to work to change the substances that are toxic to the body into substances that are not toxic. However, due to this function, will also be damaged liver when 'attacked' in repeatedly.

3. Microbial Compounds
For example, toxins released by bacteria and fungi (eg aflatoxin issued by a common mold found in nuts).

4. Result of proteins asunder
In this case the protein in question is any protein that we eat. Result of proteins asunder such as urea and ammonia will be excreted through the kidneys in charge of filtering the blood. Similar to the heart, when experience 'attack' repeatedly, no matter can suffer kidney damage.

System for Body Detoxification
Our body actually has its own detoxification mechanisms. The main body detoxification system are:
1. Skin, through sweat
2. Intestine, through the feces and gastric fluid
3. Kidney, the urine
4. Heart, through enzymatic processes for the toxin could be more soluble and toxic effects of reduced / lost

If the toxicity in the body from food, drink, and from the air too much, then to 4 organs that will fight like hell to clean up toxins, and if every day continuously, possibly to 4 organ would be damaged. Then there was liver disease, lung (TB), skin, and kidneys. Both kidney stones, kidney infection, or kidney failure. All these diseases occur because of too many toxins that enter, so that 4 organs were no longer able to perform the task.

Can toxin or grime clogged in our bodies that come out? Yes it can....
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Software Helpdesk & Complain Management

Bagi anda yang membutuhkan software/aplikasi untuk helpdesk dan complain management, dengan fitur lengkap dan mudah, plus panduan instalasi dan penggunaan. Unlimited dan Full Version. Sangat Cocok digunakan Untuk mengelola komplain dan problem. Pihak management juga dapat memantau progress solusi dari problem.

Aplikasi ini berbasis web, sehingga sangat cocok untuk perusahaan yang memiliki cabang banyak dan tersebar di indonesia. Aplikasi ini dibangun oleh salah satu konsultan IT yang sedang berkembang, yakni IT KeliniK

Silahkan jika anda berminat, kunjungi

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jasa Translate Inggris-Indonesia-Inggris AKURAT bin MURAH

INDRI Translation

Melayani terjemahan Indonesia – Inggris / Inggris – Indonesia dalam bentuk soft copy dan hard copy.

Deskripsi Penawaran
1. Kami memberikan hasil terjemahan dalam format :

- ukuran kertas : A4
- huruf : Times New Roman
- font : normal (12)
- page set up : 3 – 3 – 4 – 3

2. Dokumen Anda akan kami jamin kerahasiaannya.

Biaya terjangkau dengan kualitas SUPER
Biaya jasa translate per lembar untuk Inggris – Indonesia : Rp. 7.500 / lembar ( spasi 2)
Rp. 8.500 / lembar (spasi 1,5)
Rp. 10.000 / lembar (spasi 1)

Biaya jasa translate per lembar untuk Indonesia – Inggris : Rp. 9.000 / lembar (spasi 2)
Rp. 12.500 / lembar (spasi 1,5)
Rp. 15.000 / lembar (spasi 1)

Kirimkan dokumen Anda ke email:
beserta nomor handphone yang bisa dihubungi
*Transfer dana, pengiriman hard copy, dan Informasi lebih lanjut hubungi:

Indri 0857 1171 8548

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Impact Film Persuit of Happyness

Sebenarnya film ini nyampe ke Jakarta dah lumayan cukup lama, kl gak salah 1 or 2 bulan yang lalu. Ketika itu kehadirannya gue gak anggep sama sekali coz waktu itu dipikiran gue alur cerita filmnya pasti drama banget n ngebosenin banget. Waktu itu gue emang lagi gandrung nonton n memburu film2 yang bertema heroik.

Waktu pun berlalu, 2 hari yang lalu kebetulan gue lagi mampir di tempat penjualan DVD, lagi liat2 film terbaru, gue pengen cek wanted n hancock dah bagus atau belum. Ketika gue lagi liat2, eh ketemu film "Persuit of Happyness", film yang tempo dulu gue reject. Entah kenapa, akhirnya gue beli tuh film n nonton malam harinya.

Singkat cerita, sehabis gue nonton..gue terdiam cukup lama, gue termenung, gue terpana, gue spechless, gue gak habis pikir, gue menjadi tergugah. Yang ada dibenak gue cuma 1, GILA..BAGUS BANGET NIH FILM..? kenapa dulu gue lewatin ya...nyesel abis..

Ini film, "touching" banget..!! Will Smith maennya bagus banget..n anak nya juga...gila..Film ini memberi hikmah kepada siapapun yang nonton..mengajarkan kita semua untuk tidak gampang putus asa ketika ingin mencapai kesuksesan yang dimimpikan..Wujudkan mimpi itu..karena hanya kamu yang bisa mewujudkan mimpi itu, bukan orang lain..dan jangan pernah mengharapkan bantuan orang lain, berdirilah dengan kakimu sendiri..

So...Esoknya, iseng-iseng gue tanya om google, siapa sih Chris Gardner itu...? tokoh yang diperankan will smith dalam film itu...setelah gue baca..gila, gue tambah termotivasi...mimpi itu bisa diraih...mimpi itu bisa kok dicapai...